Upanishad Online Course
Online course conducted by CIF - moderated sessions at Chinmaya Vrindavan

Date: Oct 09, 2020 - Aug 31, 2021

Time: 07:30 AM - 07:30 AM

Weekday: Friday



Upanishad online couse by CIF

Additional Information:

Friday Study Group - Moderated by Krishna Swamy; to follow this Upanishad online course


Upanishad Course Online

The Upanishads reveal to us that in truth we are beyond life and death, good and bad; that we are the supreme Brahman, the highest Reality. Inclusive of all, excluding nothing, this ultimate Reality of life when realized through the triple means of shravana, manana and nididhyasana (listening, reflection and meditation) reveals the Self as source of all Bliss and Knowledge within. The entire universe becomes one’s own abode, and comes to be experienced as a glorious expression of the Self. Come revel in the Upanishads, bask in its knowledge, discover yourself and become fulfilled. What are you waiting for?

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