Learn Panini Grammar the Scientific Way - SAM 301 & 311
Panini Grammar the Scientific Way


Date: Apr 16, 2021

Time: 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM

Weekday: Friday



This course comprises of two modules Sam 301 (Sandhi Prakaranam) and Sam 311- Ajantha Vibakthi Prakaranam with practical cases from Ramayan and Bhagavat Geeta and other sources. We will also learn the traditional method and compare both systems of learning. Every Panini Sutra used will be derived and no memorizing is necessary.

Additional Information:

Due to the current Pandemic, all courses currently will be online. may change depending on the situation. Additional time slots will be made available depending on conditions. 

This course is open to those who have either taken the basic Sam 112 and Sam 211 or with prior knowledge of the subject with the approval of the Instructor. The course is a 300 level 4 Credit, one Semester course with regular homework assignments, quizzes midterms and finals. 

Instructor: V. Rajarao Bandaru (trinity012{at}bandaru{dot}com)
Note: Please feel free to contact the following for additional details and detailed course outline: https://drive.google.com/file/d/138SLE5oM1XpVxZLNVnsIqQ6YaR8g0NPz

Instructor Dr. V. RajaraoBandaru, Tel: 732 821 4630 /  email: trinity012{at}bandaru{dot}com 


This is a 3rd level course and requires strong Knowledge basic Sanskrit Grammar as taught in Sam 112 and Sam 211 courses. This is not for a light hearted person.

Course Material: $100
V. Raja Bandaru, Advanced Sanskrit Reader© Ajantha Vibakthi Prakaranam Vol.I1,Part 2 2nd Ed, 524p, 2011
Payment should be made directly to Instructor: V. Rajarao Bandaru (trinity012{at}bandaru{dot}com)

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