Bhagavad Gita
Sunday 9:15 - 11:00 AM: Chapter 4

Date: Sep 10, 2023 - Jun 09, 2024

Time: 09:15 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Weekday: Sunday



Adult Study Group

Attendees:  Open only to registered Balavihar families or Parivaar/Sevak members

Time: 9:15 - 11:00 AM Sundays on Balavihar weekends


If the Upanishads are the text books of philosophical principles discussing man, world and God, the Bhagavad Gita is a handbook of instructions as to how every human being can come to live the subtle philosophical principles in the actual work-a-day world. Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the Divine song of the Lord, occurs in the Bhishma Parva of the Mahabharata. This great handbook of practical living marked a positive revolution in Hinduism and inaugurated a Hindu renaissance for the ages that followed the Puranic era.


This year the class will first complete Karma Yoga from the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3.  The discussion will focus on learning how to implement “Yogah Karmasu Kowshlam” - the dexterity of action, the art of making any day to day karma into Karma Yoga.


Chapter 4 introduces the need to perform karma as a yoga without attaching to the results (fruits) in order to achieve atma gnana (knowledge of self). Often quoted, profound slokas such as (yada yadahi dharmasya and paritranaya sadhunam) that discuss about Bhagavan's avatar are thoroughly discussed. Many types of yajnas are described and discussed, which are often misunderstood.

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