Advanced Vedanta
Sunday 1:00 - 2:45 PM: Kenopanishad

Date: Sep 08, 2024 - Jun 08, 2025

Time: 01:00 PM - 02:45 PM EST

Weekday: Sunday



Adult Study Group

Attendees:  Open only to registered Balavihar families or Parivaar/Sevak members

Time: 12:45 - 2:30 PM Sundays on Balavihar weekends


Kena Upanishad also humorously called ‘What-O-Upanishad’ by Swami Chinmayananda is one of the most important among the many Upanishads. Kena means ‘by whom’ and true to its name this Upanishad digs deep into the question of who or what is the enlivening force that makes us think and do things. It starts off by asking ‘willed by whom does the mind land upon objects’? An innocent but deep question indeed. The Upanishad then develops on this thought into profound depths which takes one into the core of Vedantic teachings.

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