Mandatory Chinmaya Mission Safety Guidelines


A Mandatory  Chinmaya Mission Safety Guidelines to be signed by all Chinmaya Vrindavan Volunteers; who come in contact with Children either directly or indirectly.


Chinmaya Mission West and all of its affiliate centers agree to require any and all paid employees, Acharyas, volunteers and/or anyone else who directly works with children or youth (up to 18 years of age) to comply with the BalaVihar Safety Guidelines which is comprised of 1) a Code of Conduct which is delineated below and a copy of which shall be provided to each paid employee, acharya, volunteer or any other individual who works with a Chinmaya Mission center in a formal capacity; 2) a handout for each child to be aware of what to do in case any alleged abuse occurs  3) Screening and Selection Guidelines for paid employees and individuals volunteering in a formal capacity,  and Reporting and Investigation Guidelines for any alleged abuses.  Together these components make up the Balavihar Safety Guidelines.