Yoga classes @Vrindavan

  • Price for 10 classes : $120.00



Instructor : Rajan Narayanaswamy

Learn yoga the traditional way at a renowned Vedantic institution Chinmaya Vrindavan located in the idyllic campus in Cranbury, NJ (

Yoga is not just an exercise system but a system that teaches us that there is something within us that is an immensely powerful and deeply peaceful. All great spiritual paths target the discovery of this secret that often evades us in the normal flow of life. Inner peace can be cultivated by "ordinary" people in practical ways. Yoga, a 5000 year old holistic and spiritual system, gradually brings the realization that within our "core" is a silent intelligence and wisdom that transcends the limited understanding of the mind. Connecting our limited intelligence to this infinite intelligence brings an inner transformation whose result is profound inner peace amidst our worldly problems.

Rajan Narayanaswamy has been practicing yoga over 20 years and has been teaching yoga the past 13 years. He studied yoga in India from several institutions and in the High Tech Yoga Institute at Lowell, MA under the tutelage of the revered Late Dr. V.S Rao a yoga teacher of 50 years. Rajan has been teaching yoga at Chinmaya Mission in Cranbury the last 12 years, at Plainsboro Recreation Department the last 7 years.  Youa can visit his web sites and

The Yoga sessions are held every Sunday morning 7:30 AM – 845 AM EST. The price is $120 for 10 classes with special discount of $20 for Chinmaya Vrindavan Parivar members.